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    wonderful experience

    Emy 25-09-2017
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    i got one of those hell sensitive dry and chapped lips. i tried almost all products and at the end, I just wasted my money as well as time. a few months back. i ordered lip product like balm etc stuff from the body shop, and I used the products regularly and also followed the procedures correctly. i am so happy with my decision to order and give a try to this product. my lips are much softer, pinkish and plumpy as compared to previous one. well, apart from my success story of getting amazing lips i am also using face scrubs and mask. it's herbal and hundred percent safe for my skin. it doesn't irritate my skin or make it tight, in fact, my face is ace free and glowing. however, i have not a big experience with other products but i will try it soon. The pricing of products is standard, and its okay to pay for amazing products instead of paying to all those false and fraud companies whose products damage my skin deep.
    if you are looking for better experience, then visit their sites and you will find whatever you are looking for.

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