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    Bagi kebanyakan orang, kendaraan utama yang digunakan adalah mobil, tetapi apapun yang Anda gunakan, seringkali diperlukan asuransi untuk memastikan semua aman terkendali. Jika Anda membutuhkan mobil Anda untuk bekerja setiap hari, akan menjadi masalah besar bagi Anda, ketika mobil Anda rusak. Ketika hal itu terjadi, Anda pasti ingin tahu akan adanya bantuan yang tersedia, dapat diandalkan dan efektif. Oleh karena itu, penting untuk mengambil polis asuransi terbaik bagi mobil Anda atau kendaraan lainnya. Tetapi perusahaan mana yang terbaik? Apa yang mereka tawarkan dalam hal kebijakan dan layanan pelanggan? Tentukan hal tersebut, untuk kendaraan Anda dengan membaca ulasan, pengalaman, opini, dan keluhan oleh sesama pemilik mobil yang memberi ulasan untuk Anda.


    At BritainReviews we like to make an overview of which experiences you have with car insurance companies. Experiences, opinions and reviews that you share with us make sure that other people make the right choice, so insurance companies in turn will have to think about the limit of their premiums and especially the customer service and cover that you can expect. What is the service that you can expect at different insurance companies? Sometimes the proffered covers are not paid because of the small print. Know what you can expect!

    A car insurance is an insurance that a car owner has to take out to at least cover the damage that (the driver of) a car causes on the road to other people or vehicles. Whether you drive a brand new car or have a car that is many years old, you will always need a car insurance. If you have a car in your name, you are obligated to take out an insurance policy for it. If if you never hit the road and your car hasn’t left your garage for many years, you will need to take out an insurance company and pay the monthly premium every month

    There are different kinds of car insurances. To give you a clearer view of all the insurance companies that you can take out for your car, we described the different car insurance policies in the following paragraphs.

    Third Party Insurance This is the minimum insurance that you have to take out if you are in possession of a car. This insurance policy covers you for other peoples’ damage. If you caused an accident, your insurance company will cover the damage that you cause to someone else. It does not cover the damage that are caused to you or your own car. That you will have to pay for yourself.

    If you have a car on your name, you are obligated to have at least a third party car insurance. If you have a third party insurance policy for your car, than all the damage that you (as a driver) cause to other people in the road in other vehicles is paid for by your insurance company. If you hit another car while parking, make a wrong estimation while gaining on someone, or knock a side mirror because you don’t pay attention, that the costs of this kind of damage is paid by your insurance company.

    The third party insurance company is mandatory in our country because this insurance prevents victims from having to pay their own damage simply because the one who caused the accident has no money to pay for the repair.

    Third party and theft insurance The Third Party and Theft Insurance The Third Party and Theft Insurance covers all damage that you cause the other party, including some damage to your own car. You can think of damage to your windows or damage caused by theft. If also covers come natural phenomena like fire, accidents with wild animals, earthquakes, damage during transport (after a break down) and burglary or joyriding.

    Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance Last, but not least, there is a fully comprehensive car insurance. This is the most elaborate car insurance that you don’t only take out to cover damage to other people and their property, but also to get money back from your insurance company when your own car is damaged. Taking out a fully comprehensive car insurance is of course more expensive that taking out a regular basic insurance or third party and theft insurance, so it is not an interesting car insurance for everyone. If you have a brand new car, than taking out an elaborate car insurance is advisable.

    All Risk The name all risk already says it: this insurance policy insures you for all risks. So you are protected from the damage that you cause someone else, but also your own damage. You are fully covered. Naturally, this insurance costs a lot more, but you have not a single risk. Mind: when your car is considered a total-loss, than you mostly get the value your car was worth on that day. This can be a lot less than the original value of your car. Tip: negotiating with your insurance company about the amount often works. If is not a fixed amount that is decided by the insurance company, you have a right to argue this. Often, insurance companies compromise quite a bit. For this insurance form there are different variants. One gives the guarantee that they will what your car would be worth new and the other company doesn’t.

    What is covered with all risk? Mind that an all risk insurance always comes with conditions. Reading through them is worth the effort. There are different variants of all risk insurance on the market. So take a good look at what is and isn’t covered. For instance, it isn’t always necessary that the package includes replacement transport of legal aid.

    No Claim What is a no claim discount and when are you considered for it? A no claim has to do with the number of years that you drove without damage while having a car insurance. The more years you have without damage is decided by a calculation of the insurance company. If you ‘claim’ damage at your insurance company, your no claim discount will disappear or lower. It can even be the case that your no claim becomes negative. This is the case when you cause multiple damages in one year. When you change to another insurance company you can take the no claim that you built with you. It is also possible to include a no claim protector in your package. One often thinks that, in that case, you are protected from all damage and that your no claim discount cannot lower. This is not the case. You are only protected at your current insurance company, That is because your damage free years have depleted. Only your current company protects you from that.

    It can happen to anyone: you lock your bike, go inside for just a minute, and still, before you know it, your bike is gone! Reason enough to take out an insurance. But does an insurance against theft also cover other situations like, for instance, damage or an accident? Which company is considered the best? And is this company really as good as it claims to be? Which insurance company is cheap and also covers enough? We made an overview of all the companies that offer bike insurance policies. Fellow clients whose bike has been stolen or damaged elaborate on their hands-on experiences, opinions and complaints, so you will be able to choose the right bike insurance policy for your situation. Any experience of your own to add? Feel free to leave a review yourself!

    The merits of a good bicycle insurance A bicycle insurance covers the damage that you get to deal with when your bike gets stolen or damaged. Especially if you use your bike every day the chance of stealing or damaging is significant. To prevent you from having to pay for the costs of having your bike repaired or replaced, you can take out a bicycle insurance.

    Taking out a bicycle insurance is especially interesting for people that bought a brand new bike for a large price. By insuring the bike you avoid losing a lot of money if you have your bike repaired after damage or having to purchasing a new bike after the expensive vehicle has been stolen. If you have an older or cheaper bike, a bicycle insurance is often not as interesting. The amount you get when your bike is stolen or damages is too small to make the insurance premium interesting.

    Different kind of bicycle insurances There are two kinds of bicycle insurances, name the decreasing insurance and the continuous bicycle insurance. These two types of insurances are described in the following paragraphs. That way you can choose what suits you best.

    The fixed bicycle insurance The fixed bicycle insurance is a bicycle insurance is a bicycle insurance that you take out for a fixed period. It often covers the period of three to five years after you bought your bike. After this period, the insurance policy is no longer valid. The insurance premium is not paying monthly, but only at the start of the bicycle insurance policy. The fixed bicycle insurance covers damage to your bike, but also gives your money back in case your bike gets stolen. How much money they pay in which situation is dependent on the insurance that you take out and the coverage it offers.

    The continuous bicycle insurance The continuous bicycle insurance had no end date. The insurance premium is charged once a month, but can also be paid per six months. In general, the continuous bicycle insurance is more interesting than an insurance with a fixed end date, simply because this insurance pays more if your bike is stolen.

    Driving a camper is one of the most fun ways to travel to your holiday destination. There’s just something about that freedom to choose where you’re going and how long you stay there. But what if you cause an accident somewhere in a foreign country or your camper burns down because or a shortcut in the wires? In that case, surely, you want to be helped, preferably in English. An international breakdown service could come in handy. If you cannot trust on your current camper insurance company, you have a problem. To make if possible for you to prepare yourself as much as possible, we made an overview of all the insurance companies that offer a camper insurance policy. Read reviews by fellow camper owners to know how their company handled their situations and complaints. Any experience or opinion of your own to share? Feel free to leave a review!

    A camper insurance is an insurance that you take out to cover the damage that you cause with your camper to other people or their property. If you cause a car accident with your camper that results in someone being injured, if you are in accident with your camper by your own fault or drive over someone else’s possessions, than the camper insurance company covers the damage that you make.

    Who wants to take out a camper insurance can choose from many camper insurance companies. To give you a better view of of the different camper insurance companies, we described various camper insurance companies in the following paragraphs.

    You can choose for a basic camper insurance that covers only the damage that you cause to other people or their property. If you have damage to your own camper that is caused by your own fault, than that damage is not paid. That’s because this insurance is meant to cover damage to others and not damage to your own vehicle.

    If you do not think this is elaborate enough, you can take out an insurance that does not only covers damage to other people, but also damage that is done to your own camper. Not all damage will be paid, but for instance damage that is caused by storm, fire or wild animals are examples of situations in which the insurance company pays up. And you can also insurance your camper for a situation in which your caravan is stolen and never found.

    An even more elaborate insurance policy is the policy in which the insurance company covers almost all damage caused to your own camper. If you, for example, bump into a car or other object, this damage is paid for by your insurance company. That way not only the money claims of other people or property are paid, but you will also get money to have your own camper fixed.

    Additional covers of a camper insurance If you take out a camper insurance, you can extent your insurance by an additional cover. This additional cover can cover, for instance, damage to the content of your camper, but also damage to the tent top of your camper or personal injuries to one of the people in your camper. Or if can cover legal aid when you get stuck in a juridical conflict that has to do with your camper or is caused because of it.  

    Every year, lots of people take their caravan and leave on a vacation. A gust of wind, a fellow driver that isn’t paying attention or children playing with a ball can all be the cause of an accident. Especially in a foreign country, you want to know what kind of help you can expect. Read therefore the reviews of fellow clients who already have experience with caravan insurance policies. Their reviews, opinions and complaints can help you compare different caravan insurance companies and their customer service. Make sure that the caravan insurance policy covered every contingency, so you won’t have to worry about that in time of need.

    A caravan insurance is an insurance that you take out to cover damage that you cause with your caravan to your own vehicle or other people or their possessions while you are on the road. If you have a caravan insurance, your insurance company will pay these costs for you at least in part. It is not compulsory to take out a caravan insurance. But, if you to on holiday with your caravan every year and want to know for sure that your trip will go as smooth as possible, than it is advised to take out a caravan insurance. An accident can happen before you know it, especially if you travel with a large caravan.

    Caravan insurances come in all sorts and sizes. They can be differentiated by the risks that they cover, but also by the worth of the insurance policy and the extra cover possibilities of the insurance policy.

    The risks the caravan insurance companies cover First of all, caravan insurances can be differentiated by looking at the risks that the insurance policy covers. There are a couple of insurance companies that offer to cover damage caused by one specific cause. But most companies allow you to choose between a base package with a couple of risks and a more elaborate package that covers multiple risks. The risks that are covered the most are the following:  

    • The risk of fire, explosion and lightning
    • The risk of a traffic accident: Do you have damage caused by bumping, overturning, getting into water of getting of the road? The insurance company covers damages caused by these situations.
    • The risk of theft: not only if your caravan had been indeed stolen, but also in case of intended burglary that left damage the insurance company covers this.

    The insured value of a caravan insurance. Besides the risks that an insurance company covers, caravan insurance companies can also differ by the value that they insure. When taking out an insurance you can, for instance, choose for the arrangement of day value, but you can also choose for an insurance company that pays what your caravan would be worth new. The later is only possible if you have a relatively new caravan.   The additional covers of a caravan insurance policy No matter what kind of caravan insurance company you take out, you have to extend it with additional cover possibilities. Some examples are:

    • Damage by hale.
    • Damage to the content and inventory of the caravan
    • Damage to the front tent or extension of the caravan.
    • Damage by individual rental of the caravan. Schade door particuliere verhuur van de caravan

    And have you stranded into a juridical conflict that has to do with your caravan directly? In that case you can cover your legal aid by your insurance company if you take out an elaborate insurance coverage that includes legal aid.

    A motorcycle is a relatively cheap way to travel, yet the small size and open construction and the fact that a driver is more bare that a driver of a car makes them a quite vulnerable group of road-users. That’s why you want a motorcycle insurance company that is cheap, but also offers good terms. Many people already had experience with one or more motorcycle insurance companies and have no rated these companies on monthly expenses, customer service, payment, and handling of complaints. Check out for yourself which company is best for your situation and feel free to leave your own review!

    Nice weather? Maybe you look forward to a nice ride with your motor. Drivers of a motor are a quite vulnerable group of road users. Often, a collision results in damage or even bodily harm. The best thing you can do is to be careful and avoid any accident. But, sometimes, the situation might be out of your control. In that case it might be comforting to have a good insurance policy. But what insurance companies can you choose from? Which insurance company covers what in which motor insurance policy? Is the cheapest company and policy enough, or is there a difference in quality and customer service? Find the answer to those questions by reading reviews, opinions, experiences and complaints or feel free to leave your own.

    People driving a scooter are often seen as a vulnerable group or road-users. An accident often results in great material or personal damage, which is the reason why insurance policies for this particular group are often quite expensive. The best way to go is to compare a couple of insurance companies. But on what aspects do you compare them? Price? Is cheaper always better? You don’t want to think everything is covered, only to find out, in a moment of need, that that’s not the case. We made an overview of all the insurance companies that provide scooter insurance. Clients themselves elaborate on the price, quality, service and paperwork. That way, you won’t have to rely on smooth talk from a salesman or the pretty picture displayed on a website. Read for yourself the reviews, experiences and opinions or fellow customers and come to your own conclusion.

    Which boat insurance companies can you choose from? Lots of people buy a boat and, for the first time, have to deal with a boat insurance policy. You often spend a lot of time saving for your boat Therefore you’ll want to take out the best boat insurance policy. But what is the best insurance company or policy? Read reviews, experiences, opinions and complaints to find that out. Any experience of your own to add? Did a boat insurance company pay everything it was supposed to or did they (try to) ship you off? How did they handle any complaints? Let us know by leaving a review of your own.

    For many people, going on a boat trip is the highest form of relaxation that can be managed. In not all cases is a boat owner obligated to take out a boat insurance policy, but in some cases it is compulsory. A boat insurance is a special kind of insurance that focusses on people with a boat of their own. On this page, you can read what kind of boat insurance policies are offered and what is covered by what insurance company or policy

    What is covered by a boat insurance?

    What exactly is covered by a boat insurance is dependent on a specific coverage of a boar insurance. Every boat insurance differs in some of the things that they cover, so there is no clear overview on what a boat insurance company does or does not cover. What can be covered is the minimum that a boat insurance is supposed to cover. This is the coverage of damage that you cause with your boat to other people, their boat or other properties, for instance during an accident. No matter what boat insurance you take out, this damage is covered.

    The different kind of boat insurances While taking out a boat insurance, you can choose from many kinds of boat insurances. The least elaborate policy that you can take out is the one that covers damage to other people, other boats or other people’s stuff. If you, for instance, bump into another boat and does that cause any damage to the other vehicle, than the insurance policy pays for this kind of damage.

    Especially when you have an expensive boat, it is advisable to extent your basic insurance policy with several additional covers. This can be damage that is caused by storm and/or hail, but also a cover for burglary, vandalism and other kinds of damage. By taking out one or different additional covers, you create a good protection for your boat against damage The more additional covers you choose, the higher your monthly premium will be.

    The premium of a boat insurances

    The premium that you have to pay for the boat insurance that you have taken out for your vessel, depends on several factors. First of all, the premium depends on the tariffs of the insurance company that gives out the boat insurance. Every boat insurances had different tariffs, so the same insurance can be much higher or cheaper At another insurance company. Secondly, the premium is dependent on the cover that you receive, the age of the boat, the amount of years without damage and other personal details. The best way to find out the premium for your boat insurance is by calculating the premium with an online calculator.

    Do you want to take out the cheapest boat insurance, than it is advisable to compare the different tariffs with each other and deal with a certain company. If you want the best company, you might want to rely on the reviews, opinions, reviews and complains that other people who went before you left behind.

    A houseboat insurance is quite an unusual insurance. Still, looking at the London canals, there are more houseboats than you thought. Because there are a couple of significant details in which a houseboat differs from a normal house, there is a special houseboat insurance. But if you are planning to live on a houseboat, how does it work and how much does it cost? The best way to investigate that is by reading experiences from hands-on experts who already live on a houseboat and know everything about all possible problems and costs. Here, we collected all boathouse insurances. Also, we provide room for boathouse owners to express their opinions and experiences.

    For years, you have been going mad over a Volkswagen Beetle, American Cadillac, or have finally been able to get your hands on the one and only Ford Mustang. Those oldtimers are expensive cars, so of course you want to take out the best insurance policy. Often the value of an antique car is difficult to determine. Therefore it is also hard to determine what an insurance company is supposed to pay when car is total loss and can be considered a complete write-off. You can only know that when you take out an insurance policy, which is why we made an overview of all companies that provide a policy for antique cars. Because there are only a few insurance companies that offer a decent enough insurance policy for Oldtimers, we want to make sure there is a place where lovers of antique cars can read and write about experiences, express opinions on customer service or problems that encountered when they were in need. Read reviews by other customers or feel free to write your own.

    When you have a yacht, you often spend a lot of time saving money for it. A possession to be proud of! But what if your Yacht, boat or barge gets stolen or damaged? Or what if you cause some damage on the water yourself? Then what? Does your insurance policy cover enough to buy the same kind of yacht again? That can be hard to figure out on the basis of pretty stories on the site of an insurance company. Often you have to read the fine print if you want to fully know what a yacht insurance policy entails. That’s why we have made an overview of all the major yacht insurance companies. Fellow yacht owners elaborate on their experiences with these insurance companies at a time they really needed one. Who has the best customer service? Is the cheapest also the best? Are there any complaints? Read all experiences, opinions and reviews right here.