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    Kami telah menyediakan overview dari seluruh penyedia jasa telekomunikasi yang ada di Indonesia. Tidak hanya itu, di IndonesiaReview, Anda juga dapat menemukan berbagai review dari konsumen independen yang telah terlebih dahulu berurusan dengan perusahaan terkait. Dengan cara ini, Anda dapat dengan mudah mengetahui perusahaan mana yang paling cocok dengan kebutuhan Anda tanpa harus terjebak di perusahaan lain yang pelayanannya kurang prima. Tidak hanya itu, Anda juga dapat memulai pencarian Anda lebih mudah dengan pembagian sub-kategori menjadi beberapa kategori, yakni telephone connection, interactive television, serta watching online films.


    The term ‘telecom’ includes various products and services. Telecom companies are companies that offer services and products related to telecom such as television channels, mobile data and internet. Due to telecom products becoming increasingly popular in the last couple of years, there are more and more companies offering these products and services.

    To give you a clearer view of what telecom entails, we described the various different forms in this text. This includes the different telecom possibilities within your house, the possibilities for your mobile phone and several others.

    Telecom within your home
    The products within this field can be subscribed to in order to use them in your house. In some cases these products and services have a practical purpose, but often people subscribe to telecom in order to use a specific form or entertainment or relaxation. Some examples of these products are landline telephone connections, Internet connection, a subscription to watch films online and a subscription to interactive HD television. If you choose an all-in-1 telecom package, you get a subscription to television, telephone and internet. That way, you immediately have a subscription to all the telecom products and services that are necessary in your household.

    If you are seeking a supplier for your household telecom products, you can find an overview of all the different options on this website. By reading honest reviews written by other customers you can get a clear view of these providers.

    Telecom for your mobile phone ~
    This range of products includes any subscriptions that allow you to call, text and use Internet on your smart phone whenever and wherever you want. The use of a prepaid phone to call and text also falls under telecom. If you are interested in providing your current mobile phone with a new sim card with a complete subscription, then the best option for you is a sim only subscription. 

    If you are looking for a reliable company to provide you with a mobile phone subscription or prepaid card, then you can find a clear overview of companies that offer a prepaid phone card subscription on this webpage. By reading the experiences, reviews and opinions of other customers you can a clear view of the services that these companies give.

    Other forms of telecom
    Other forms of telecom include services such as hosting. If you have a website of your own, for purposes such as running a company, then you have to subscribe to hosting for this website. Hosting makes sure that you are accessible via email, but also makes sure that your website is always available and saved in a secure map.

    We have produced an overview of several companies that provide hosting services so if you are looking for a reliable provider, you can use this to find yourself a supplier. By reading reviews of other customers, you get a clear view of the services that these parties offer.